Season in Review: C Buster Posey

All Sexy

Probably the best looking catcher ever.

2011 Stats: 45 G, 185 PA, .284/.368/.389, 4 HR, 18 BB, 30 SO; 2 E (.994 FLD%) and 36% CS rate in 361.0 Innings Caught

You look at the numbers and remember that what he had going in 2011 wasn’t too shabby and probably would’ve featured himself as a back-up on the All-Star team (due to the “Bochy Bias,” of course, not because he’s amazing or anything). Everybody likes to talk about how 2011 would’ve been different. Yes, it would’ve been, but we don’t know how different. Like Runzler’s last month, Posey was getting going in May going from month splits of .262/.327/.420 in April to .311/.414/.351 (yes, his SLG% was lower than his OBP). What we did miss most was his intangibles to lead a club. Trying to steal a game from the Giants? Buster ain’t havin’ it.

Yea, I looked for an excuse to use that phrase. What struck me as interesting despite the small sample sizes were Buster’s stats in the batting order. Though he only had 7 games batting 3rd, he hit .393/.452/.464 in those 7 games. That’s madness. Batting 4th (36 G), he was .265/.355/.379 and did hit all 4 HR and get all but one of his 21 RBI in that slot, too. Of note also were 3 of his 4 HR came with only one man on 2nd…

Buster’s BB% (6.8 to 9.7%) and K% (12.4 to 16.2%) were up in his small sample size of a season, but is anyone worried about Buster’s ability to hit? Not really, but we won’t be sure until we see him in Scottsdale at 100% ready to go delivering for the team like he did in 2010. It’s acknowledged that Buster can’t be the only bat that’s “brought in” to boost the run-challenged 2011 lineup, but if he can boost his overall numbers from 2011 for hitting with RISP (.256/.389/.535) he will be a big reason towards making the Giants scary for everyone else in the NL West (and the NL) in 2012.

Status in 2012: Starting Catcher, Team Captain

Projected Salary in 2012: $650,000


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