Season in Review: RHP Matt Cain

Matty Cain

Why don't they ever score runs for me?

2011 Stats: 12-11, 2.88 ERA, 33 G, 221.2 IP, 9 HR Allowed, 179 SO, 2.91 FIP and 2.88 ERA

I could’ve put up a picture of a horse and you would’ve known I was talking about Matt Cain. Matt Cain up until recently has been the most under-appreciated Giants pitcher on their staff. Now it’s probably Bumgarner because he does dumb things like lose sometimes! Pfft! Seriously, since 2007, Cainer has thrown 200+ IP and has averaged 33 G and GS in those years. The last three years the offense has been nice enough to give him runs to give him a winning record the last three years (very thoughtful). Oh, and those 9 HR Allowed? Only a career best. Luck? Maybe. Is he getting better? As Timmy would say, “F… yeah”

By sitting Cainer in the final home game, Bochy prevented Cain from establishing a career high in IP during a regular season (223.1 IP in 2010, 221.2 IP in 2011) and to say Cain deserves himself a break is definitely something the fans that didn’t pay for a ticket on that last game can agree upon. Except this year he slacked off and only got 1 CG compared to the 4 he got in 2009 and 2010! What kinda garbage is that? That’s not pitching like a champion!

His walks and strikeouts are around the same but his ERA, FIP in 2011 are really showing us what Cain is capable of. He relied on his offspeed pitches much more in 2011 from 2010 (fastball: ’10 – 63.2%, ’11 – 54.7%; slider: 9.5%, 15.8%; changeup: 13.8%, 16.7%) and will be interesting to see how he dominates again in 2012. He probably won’t be that 200 K pitcher Timmy and Dirty can be, but he would be an ace on most other staffs, as you’ve heard over and over again. Do not take this kid for granted. He may very well get $2oMM/year contracts like his boy Timmy with the stats he’s put up over the years. He may not be pitching for the orange and black after 2011 as this is his last year under team control, and this young man is a champion.

Status in 2012: Trade chip (sorry, guys), #2 SP on a deadly good staff

Projected 2012 Salary: $15.333MM, this is his last year under team control


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