One Year Ago to the Day


I'd love to watch these guys pitch any day

I remember it like it was recent: we were excited, everyone was picking the Rangers, because “great pitching beat great hitting… but I like Texas’ chances!” was the mantra of the national media. It was cute in retrospect, but we know what happened from there. Game 1 happened. I was monitoring it on GameDay and monitoring the Mercury News chat that was always overloaded with people with good commentary and whiners whose comment didn’t get chosen since they lacked the capacity that they weren’t the only ones in the chatroom. I also hadn’t thought of underground feeds because I just didn’t. Those were such silly times.

They were also great times. A World Series? Putting Ashkon’s song on repeat? Walking around, chest out, chin up and black and orange bright walking around Southern California? Awesome. 2010 will always have a close place in my heart, as it should. I remember the pitching matchup we were promised: Cliff Lee and Tim Lincecum. Holy crap. Nothing compared to CJ Wilson vs. Chris Carpenter, mostly due to CJ Wilson (even though that game turned out alright). The duel was nothing that we thought it’d end up being. 11-8, the ultimate “first game jitters” type of game that San Francisco ended up being on the right side of.

That game was October 27th, 2010. Today is Game 6 of the 2011 World Series with the Rangers up 3-2. Today could be the day for Nolan Ryan, George W. Bush (I mean, he’s only won a national title once, right? zing.), Ron Washington and Mini-Wash. October 27th could finally have positive meaning for Texas. Or it could be the end of everything, again. Texas could lose 2 straight in St. Louis simply because their SP and offense decide to be all non-Texas-y again. It’s not out of the question. The only question though is, what will October 27th mean for the Rangers come Sunday? It’s too bad Game 7 can’t be on November 1st because it’d be funny to watch them lose again in November. Well, I’d find it funny.


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