Season in Review: LHP Jeremy Affeldt

Talking Jeremy

This may have been the most important thing the lefty did all year

2011 Stats: 3-2, 2.63 ERA, 67 G, 61.2 IP, 3 SV, 54 K, 24 BB, 3.69 FIP, 7.88 K/9, 5 HR allowed

While the world tries to make out the logic that is Brian Sabean signing two lefty relievers in 2 days for about $9.25MM, let’s take a look at one of the two he signed! Already talked about how good the other one was, and because he got signed for $4.25MM, it was only logical that since Affeldt has some better stats here and there he should be paid more than Lopez, right guys? Right!

Jeremy Affeldt is a pretty good reliever, and even if he hit the market he would’ve been paid like one. Consider that he had a .144 BAA against LHH. Good, right? Hellz yea! That equated to 13 hits in 90 AB, but he did allow 7 BBs (grrrrrr…). What’s interesting is he saw more ABs against RHH mainly because he’s better than Lopez at getting them out. With a .248 BAA against RHH you’re just using him because you know you’re going to see 1 or 2 LHH in the inning, or because is sweeping curve and changeup is just flat out MONEY that night. We’ve seen and remember those nights.

Fun with choosing your stats: Jeremy Affeldt in his 25 AB’s with a full count held hitters to a .080 BAA. Nice! In 11 ABs with the bases loaded he held hitters to a .091 BAA! Sweet! However, his BAA was at its peak when the game was within 1 R at .277 (not nice 😦 ) Affeldt saw the bulk of his work in the 7th and 8th innings at 24.1 IP and 21.1 IP in 32 and 31 games, respectively and he’ll hold that role as long as there’s a power righty in the bullpen or someone with a no-dot slider in the bullpen. This was only his 2nd season with an ERA under 3 (the other in 2009 with a ridiculous 1.73 ERA in 74 G) so we’ll see if he bounces back up above it in 2012. If it does, I’d expect that to be the end of Jeremy in the Bay. I’m expecting it to hover around 2.90-3.00 this year.

2012 Status: 7th/8th inning reliever/set-up man. Not just a LHH specialist, but can be.

2012 Projected Salary: $5MM in his final year.


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