Your Guide to the 2012 Promotions as of 11/25/2011: @Athletics versus @SFGiants

Only 3 of the 5 baseball teams in California have posted their promotion and giveaway days so far with the 2 Bay Area teams and the Doyers of the South. While I was hoping to do a grander article with this type of thing, I thought I’d look at the quality of the two franchise’s giveaways because hey, some of the Bay Area are A’s fans and most of the Bay Area are Giants fans and rightfully so. We’ll go month-by-month and then decide at the end who the overall winner is in the better promotions. Let the record show though that both franchises will probably add on some promotions (the Giants tend to add cultural heritage nights or community member nights).


A’s: 1972 40th Anniversary Celebration, Rollie Fingers Bobblehead, Little League Day

Giants: Calendars, Fireworks, Welcome Mats, Magnet Schedules, Orange Knit Hats, Messenger Bag, Timmy Wall Sticker

Opening Day for all teams is exciting and it always should be that way so, so far so good for both sides, although the A’s don’t have anything written down yet for that day. Maybe they don’t plan on playing much at home this year? That may be better for their players to play in front of fans, so I say good strategy by the Athletics FO! Both teams are celebrating anniversaries of some sort in 2012 — the A’s of 1972 where 6 of the 7 games were decided by 1 run and the Giants 2002 where something happened. Don’t know. Hopefully the A’s start rolling out more stuff though because that’s not right to the fans.


I hope they're this nice!


A’s: Fleece Blanket, Youth Sports and Family Night, (Monthly) Fireworks, Pet Calendar

Giants: Texting Gloves, Romo Bobblehead, Rope Necklace (for kids), Brian Wilson Gnome

I look at the month of May for both teams and kind of scratch my head: “texting gloves?” “gnome?” “pet calendar?” “family night?” Really what is a pet calendar? This?:


May 26th versus the Yankees! PET CALENDAR!

But you gotta have some sort of promotion and I hope May is where they spice is up a little bit, especially if the NBA actually comes back. You’ll need to bring people in to distract them from how utterly boring and ridiculous professional basketball is even in the playoffs. “Where Amazing Happens?” Please. Game 6, 2011 World Series. Check it.


A’s: Kids Baseball Socks, Gio Gonzalez Bobblehead, Jewish Heritage Night

Giants: Turn Back the Clock Game, Super Hero Cape (kids), Giants Cap, 2002 Player Bobbleheads

Months like June for the A’s really show me they’re a low budget team where for the Giants, it shows me that they’re saving for that rainy day fund I hear about so often. The Gio Gonzalez Bobblehead is a good giveaway until he gets traded in July and the baseball socks hopefully are as big of a hit as the orange and black ones were in SF last season. I actually like old uni-days but again with the 2002? What is this? What’s with the cape? Is there a Panda on it? Or a Posey? And is that cap fitted? No? Aw.

1912 Unis!


A’s: Dog Day at the Park

Giants: 2002 Team Reunion, Giants Player T-Shirt, Madison Bumgarner Bobblehead, Trading Cards, Snap Watch (kids)

Besides those fireworks, that’s all the A’s have. I know there’s the All Star Game but come on, Oakland. Your fans deserve better. The Giants probably have their best giveaway month going here in the midst of the Mid-Summer Classic. Obviously I don’t love the snap watch, but if I were a parent I would. It would quiet your kid for 3 hours, right? The trading cards used to be a tradition of my family’s but died sometime in the 2000s and the battle of the biggest giveaway day between MadBum and Panda will be discussed at length starting on July 15th when MadBum’s is given away to the first 25,000 in line that wait for 2-9 hours.


I do wish I owned one of these


A’s: Italian Heritage Night, Filipino Heritage Night, 20th Consecutive Victory Scott Hatteberg Bobblehead, 20th Consecutive Victory T-Shirt

Giants: Virgin America Day, Giants Gym Bag (kids), Dog Days of Summer, Pablo Sandoval Bobblehead

This is definitely the Athletics’ best month for giveaways but a little much on the 20 straight wins? Or a little late? Ah, whatevs, Oakland. You did it and it was a remarkable feat. So far the A’s have celebrated Jewish, Italian and Filipino cultures. I feel like there are more cultures out there, but I don’t know. I’m sure they’re working hard with their undermanned promotions department. Not a bad month for the Giants either as even the kid’s giveaway is a good one. Panda bobblehead is something I’m already dreaming of putting next to my MadBum and Buster Posey bobbleheads. Nice.


This guy gets his own bobblehead. Just because he was so good in "Moneyball"


A’s: Breast Cancer Awareness Day

Giants: Gigantes Player T-Shirt, Fan Appreciation Day

Yup, that’s it. But when it’s September baseball and your team is in it do you really need to give those fans something for showing up? Yea the Giants will be fine. But what about Oakland? Yes, these teams will add more stuff, but if you’re going to announce a schedule should you get more out there? I think for the Gigantes Player Shirt we should take bets on who we think it’s going to be. I say Sandoval is too easy and convenient a choice. Why not go with the Melk Man! “Gigantes” on the front, “Cabrera” on the back. Calling it.


I’m sure the A’s have had reunions with the 1972 teams tons of times but hey another wouldn’t hurt would it? Seriously, if your team isn’t winning bring back one that did. I’m sure more heritage nights will come out for both teams and maybe even some more clothing items to give out and trinkets and treasures and the whole kabootle. So for right now, the winner of the Bay Area Promotions: Your San Francisco Giants. Hopefully the A’s will make this a more fun debate by the time the season begins. I won’t count on it though.


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