My Favorite Player From Each Team: Because You Care

During the off-season what are you supposed to write about? Got a lot of things you can choose from but really you can let your imagination run wild. Right now in Florida they’re in day 150-something of trading for Gio Gonzalez and that’s all they have right now. I love talking about baseball and I thought I’d take a moment to write down my favorite players from each team. One per team. No more, no less.

Arizona Diamondbacks

This one was tough since I don’t really like the DBacks. I’m going to say Josh Collmenter because he’s so different. I now expect to get booed every time I go to Chase Field for not picking Justin Upton.

Atlanta Braves

Chipper Jones. Hard not to like this future HOFer and he has the same last name as me, which must mean we’re related and I’m entitled to part of his salary.

Baltimore Orioles

Adam Jones. Oh, you think I’m going with the “Jones” factor again, don’t you? Yea well, maybe. I also found it funny on ESPN’s Depth Charts “Mike Gonzalez” is listed as the setup man. Nice work, ESPN, as always.

Boston Red Sox

The Laser Show. Dustin Pedroia. An inspiring specimen he gives small guys like me hope that one day my short kid can make it because of the heart and the strong work ethic he has in him.

Chicago Cubs

Darwin Barney because he intrigues me. Starlin Castro is the big name and will very likely be the better player though.

Chicago White Sox

If Omar Vizquel were still on the team I’d say him. Next would be Mark Buerhle but you know he’s gone. Which I guess leaves me with Adam Dunn. I do love me some HRs so I hope he turns it around next year.

Cincinnati Reds

Joey Votto. Any Reds official who wants to trade him or even listen to an offer for him is nuts, in my opinion.

Cleveland Indians

Carlos Santana because I think of good music on the radio.

Colorado Rockies

I went to Long Beach State for my undergrad and I’m very proud of that and fond of those times there. Therefore, it’s easy for me to choose Troy Tulowitzki. Stud.

Detroit Tigers

Justin Verlander. I don’t care if he comes off as a little arrogant, but I guess I love that he throws fast and does not give the sport a bad image.

Houston Astros

Jose Altuve because really when Brett Myers is your ace and Carlos Lee is your best player who am I left with to choose?

Kansas City Royals

Sorry, Dirty. Sorry, Bruce Chen. Eric Hosmer. The dude just excites me with what is possible for him.

Los Angeles Dodgers

Clayton Kershaw. I love watching him pitch except the 4-5 times a year it happens to be against the Giants. Well deserving of that Cy Young award he got this year.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Jared Weaver. Long Beach State. Although I’ve heard he’s a bit of a jerk, but that’s just things I’ve heard from living in Long Beach.

Miami Marlins

Mike Stanton. I hope he gets traded to the Giants for Darren Ford, Eli Whiteside and Cody Ross or something.

Milwaukee Brewers

Ryan Braun. Stud.

Minnesota Twins

It was not so long ago that Joe Mauer was taken seriously. Now when you say his name people cringe a little bit because they’re scared of what’s gonna happen. Still my favorite though.

New York Mets

David Wright. I’m sorry that Matt Cain’s fastball hit you. I really, really am. I still don’t know why Matty flipped his cap as he left the field to a cascade of boos.

New York Yankees

Mariano Rivera. This guy is timeless and if I can be athletic when I’m 50 like he is, well my life will be a good life.

Oakland Athletics

Like Darwin Barney of the Cubs, Jemile Weeks intrigues me.

Philadelphia Phillies

Vance Worley came from Long Beach State. Ryan Howard was a close 2nd for all the NLCS reasons.

Pittsburgh Pirates

Andrew McCutchen because I love playmakers.

San Diego Padres

Mat Latos. Just kidding, that guy’s a jerk. Jesus Guzman.

San Francisco Giants

Buster Posey, although it is really a tough choice.

Seattle Mariners

Ichiro Suzuki. Blame it on my Japanese-American side or my year living in Japan in 2006 and I know his 2011 may not be what we’re used to seeing out of him but still my fave.

St. Louis Cardinals

Lance Lynn. Or was it Jason Motte? Nah, neither of them. Chris Carpenter.

Tampa Bay Rays

Evan Longoria and his crazy team-friendly contract. Long Beach State.

Texas Rangers

Ian Kinsler but now that the nation’s been exposed to him a lot in the past couple seasons, I don’t think I need to give reasons why.

Toronto Blue Jays

Jose Bautista. They call me J-J-Joey-Joey Bats. This ball-this ball-this ball is GONE.

Washington Nationals

Ryan Zimmerman. Say what you want about Stephen Strasburg but for now, it’s Zims for me.

So there it is. All 30 teams covered. Happy Saturday.


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