Is the Offense in the OF Better At All? #SFGiants

Going through my Twitter feed tonight and it’s not like tonight was unlike any other night — people calling Pujols a “traitor,” with talk of CJ Wilson nowhere to be found — but there was a thought put out that the Giants offense going into 2012 isn’t going to be any better. Immediately I thought of it as just more whining but then I wondered if I could see using 2011 numbers what we can possibly forecast to determine how much better, worse or the same the offense could be in 2012. It’s December 8th right now and the season doesn’t even start for another 4 months. Minus Aubrey Huff, here are the people that played the OF for the Giants as well as the two new additions to the OF. I’ll let you sink some of this in:

*There is no average for wRC+ listed since I was noticing inaccuracies with AVG and OBP and I decided I only wanted to keep the number of stats I could butcher at 2 at the most. Those numbers put together and averaged is 96, but I don’t know how accurate that is.

Keep in mind that Pagan is probably now the top of the order guy. He also stole 32 bags last year, which is 15 less than that group did in 2011 (Andres had 19 of them). I did recalculate the average Batting Averages and On Base Percentages so it’s possible the SLG and wOBA for the group might be off by a little bit. What’s notable is the two newbies don’t walk all that much, which might be OK for Melky, but Pagan will need to step that up especially since his OBP is right in line with what the OF was doing in 2011. His OBP was worse than Cody’s and for some reason it seemed to me like he was never getting on. Both of them strike out much less though, which is a very welcome sight after watching Rowand and Torres just get murdered out there (and as the numbers show, so did Burrell, Belt and Ross).

Going into 2012 this list will be without the names of Ford, Beltran, Burrell, Rowand, Torres and Ross and hopefully at the end of 2012 when you look up “Giants OF” Brandon Belt’s name doesn’t show up alongside with it. The big name of the group though is Beltran who had the biggest offensive impact and it is a shame the Giants won’t be able to scoop him up this offseason with the acquisitions of Cabrera and Pagan. Without Carlos’ contributions all the averages look pretty gross and so it’s easy to say that the 2012 Giants will be better than the 2011 pre-Beltran Giants. Of course, all this assuming the Giants don’t get hit with the DL bug as bad as they did last season.

But what about the 2011 with-Beltran Giants? I’d say they’re a little better because you have someone that can get on base more in Pagan, someone that can protect Posey and Panda in Cabrera and you have a Baby Giraffe that has grown up more and hopefully won’t get the lights abused out of him this year. It’ll be interesting to see how things will be different, but I’m comfortable with saying and hopeful that the group in 2012 will be better than the groups put out in 2011.


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