2011 Final Team Payrolls #MLB

Back in the Bay so of course one of the first things I do in the morning is grab the Merc Sports Page and look through all the stuff. I saw that there was also a fun little clipping of the Final Team Payrolls for all the teams in MLB. So without further ago, the stuff you came here to see:

New York Yankees: $216,044,956

Boston Red Sox: $174,116,280

Philadelphia Phillies: $165,313,989

Los Angeles Angels: $143,099,729

New York Mets: $142,244,744

Chicago Cubs: $140,608,942

Chicago White Sox: $125,814,762

San Francisco Giants: $125,111,390

Minnesota Twins: $115,419,106

Detroit Tigers: $113,230,923

St. Louis Cardinals: $113,156,467

Los Angeles Dodgers: $109,865,640

Texas Rangers: $103,967,140

Seattle Mariners: $98,067,684

Colorado Rockies: $96,145,529

Milwaukee Brewers: $93,234,011

Atlanta Braves: $88,128,545

Baltimore Orioles: $86,856,480

Cincinnati Reds: $81,621,587

Houston Astros: $81,139,621

Toronto Blue Jays: $75,851,382

Washington Nationals: $72,022,999

Oakland A’s: $70,476,206

Arizona Diamondbacks: $65,603,602

Florida Marlins: $61,940,280

Cleveland Indians: $53,533,393

Pittsburgh Pirates: $51,784,810

San Diego Padres: $45,620,873

Tampa Bay Rays: $44,969,740

Kansas City: $44,566,470

Total: $2,999,557,280

And here’s another way you could look at the salaries:

Take from this what you will. I always have fun looking at the low payroll teams doing well in the standings (Rays, Indians, DBacks) and the high payroll teams doing poorly (Cubs, Mets, Twins).


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