Baseball’s Newest Superhero: Thank You, Randy Miller

So we’re all just sittin’ around, talking about Jack Morris and Alan Trammel when BOOM someone is putting it out there they sent in a blank ballot. On purpose. Yea, I know, right? Not even Barry Larkin. Who cares he got 86%, not even Barry Larkin? Really? But anyway, this guy, Randy Miller of Philadelphia set up the pins for people to knock ’em down. Consider this a history of the wonderful-ness that transpired.



Randy Miller sent in 9 ballots?

I don’t judge by batting average alone, but here’s a batting average!

We want to attack the loser that put it out there that he left his ballot blank.

Oh ok, that makes your decision valid! #no

The outrage of voting someone in that belonged there!

Here’s where the fun begins.

“Saberboy???” AHAHAHAHA

OBP is advanced for the simple man.

I have things to say, too! Someone listen to me! Anybody! Somebody?…

See! Look! Mat Latos! Evil! Ha!

Yay, name calling!

Some people got really into this. Not me though. Nope.

Look how excited everyone is!

And thus, a happy ending to an otherwise uneventful day after 3pm PST.



  1. Jason

    On the negative side, Randy Miller will still have a Hall of Fame vote tomorrow, but on the plus side, I can now sleep easier knowing that @saber_boy is out there patrolling the interweb, protecting us from stupidity at every corner. All in all a net-positive!

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