Andres Torres: The #Mets Pretty Good 5th OF

Teams all want OF depth in their system. What’s great about the game is we all have our own opinions on different athletes. Andres Torres is an interesting case. I don’t need to tell you his story, because you know it. But Jon Heyman took a break from talking about the line at Delta to talking Torres, the nicest guy in the history of nice:

To which big man Dave Cameron of Fangraphs quickly responded:

So I thought that I would look around a little bit for some stats from 2009-2011 about Andres Torres and how he compares to the rest of the league, mostly because that’s what Mr. Cameron did in a later tweet. Here’s how Andres ranks in the last 3 years:

wRC+ — tied for 34th at 113

WAR — 19th at 11.1

Fangraphs’ Fld metric — 4th at 39.7

wOBA — tied for 40th at .342

ISO — 36th at .184

SLG% — tied for 45th at .436

OBP — 60th at .332

SB — 33rd at 51 total

I’m not saying Andres Torres is an All-Star, and these stats don’t suggest that either. I’m not saying he has to start for you — we all saw 2011. But 5th OF? Come on, Heyman.


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