They See Me Trollin’: Pretty Fake Recap

It’s easy to be disgusted if you watched or listened to that game today: Arizona beat the Giants 9-6 today and could be best summed up by this:

I mean, you had all November, December, January, and February to get ready for this and you lose by 3 runs to the team that ousted you, AND they didn’t even have their full squad there? Pathetic. Just embarrassing. And our new “acquisitions?” A combined 2 for 6 with only 1 RBI in the game. I guess it was good that Angel Pagan got a SB in the latter stages of the game, but come on, we need better production from the top of the order against a division leader! Huff sucked again, and my boy PILL THE THRILL only got 1 AB today but he’ll get his chances. He could’ve matched Belt’s production, and that should make for some fun competition, but I like Pill’s bat better. I mean, have you SEEN his Minor League numbers? Crawford though, I gotta say, from today’s game looks a lot better. I was glad he played Winter Ball because it looks like he’s going to really put his stamp on the offensive roster. We don’t need no platoon with you, Theriot and Fontenot! Wish we would’ve kept Keppinger anyway!

Our pitching… which allowed 9 runs… horrible. Timmy got 1 K/IP which I’ll take, but Surkamp and Mota are garbage and should be in the Minor Leagues. I could’ve believe Affeldt and Romo today! Normally they’re better than that!

Well, we play them again tomorrow, and I hope we get even with them because we can’t get used to losing to them! I know it’s the preseason, but if we don’t win now, I don’t see how we can do well against them later.

We gotta make it 8-2 tomorrow! Yee yee! #LeggoSF


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