That’s Probably Not OK

It’s no secret we live in a world where information flies fast. That information can be good information, it can also be misguided information. Sometimes we say things we shouldn’t say, things that might go unpunished if we think them, but the moment they come out, you or someone else might act as a filter saying “that’s probably not OK.” It’s not fun calling out your own brethren of Giants fans, but the information is out there, it’s not being pulled back like those keyboard warriors we grew so fond of. One instance is extremely popular within the Giants blogger community, and the other, is a lesser known comment that I just may be making too much over.

Seed Spitters

If you haven’t read it yet, here it is: Boom. Take that in, because there are more than a couple of nuggets from there and people have already written their reviews. The article praises the women not in love with sports for putting aside their delicious habit of cupcake baking to the more manly activity of watching sports, and in this case, Giants baseball.

I understand what he’s trying to say and where he’s trying to go with it, but the problem is that it’s written from a very dated point of view. Guys are not the only people that like sports. Also, girls are not the only people that like baking — you should see me bake oreo brownies, I love doing that stuff. And it’s effing delicious, too.

Relationships though, as Danny from GiantsPod I saw pointed out, can be difficult if one of the two does not enjoy sports. I’ve dated girls that didn’t enjoy baseball, and I wonder what kind of relationship I would be in today if I had a significant other that didn’t like it. Or even, had a significant other that loved the NBA. That’s just disgusting to imagine. But that’s just me.

So, Russell, if you’re reading this (it’s OK, I know you’ve been getting a lot of flack so you probably won’t read this), just gotta remember that everyone can fit every role, if that’s what you’re looking to write about. Or maybe just next time, you can write about just you and her, and not fit it to all guys, or all girls.

Two Guys, a Glove, and a Coke Bottle

I was driving to Arizona this weekend and the drive from Long Beach to Phoenix isn’t exactly a 30 minute hop, skip, and a jump. That stuff’s 6 hours or so. After discovering the joy of podcasts, I occupied myself listening to the two guys, a glove, and a coke bottle podcast, amongst a couple others. I enjoy listening to them… have listened to about 4 episodes, and Danny and Thomas are good, knowledgable guys that have access to the personnel within and surrounding the Giants that help make it a good listen.

Episode 68 had a moment that took me aback for a moment, and I’ll transcribe the part so you can form an opinion, too. The conversation is about injured Giants players. He speaks at a pretty good clip so this took time to write down.

“These are basically the three guys we haven’t seen in Spring Training because they haven’t been able to play: Buster Posey, Freddy Sanchez and Brian Wilson, three guys that struggled with injuries last year, but Posey obviously getting blown up by that evil Marlin; Freddy Sanchez’s shoulder exploding, and Brian Wilson’s elbow… the most interesting thing that happened today was when Brian Wilson threw 25 pitches in a batting practice session to … wait for it… Buster Posey and Freddy Sanchez…It was the Spring Training version of the Special Olympics.”

Danny responds with, “Ouch,” and Thomas goes on to say that it’s not due to any handicap, but that it was the three injured guys together in a BP session.

My fiance was asleep during this, so I had no one to check this against, but I disagreed with the Special Olympics being used there. It didn’t feel good. I cringed when I heard it, and hoped that when I went back to listen to it, hopefully I had just heard it wrong.

Safest thing to do with the Special Olympics and including them in jokes is in my opinion to not do it. There’s a lot that I don’t understand in terms of growing up supporting, growing up, or living with the disabilities and/or handicaps, and to laugh at what people don’t have in comparison to you can really put you in a spotlight you wished you never got yourself into.

I don’t plan on having many posts like this, but these instances didn’t make me feel good. I realize I am in no sense a saint, someone that is perfect, or someone that says all the right things at all times. I think these are times when a couple of people can learn from what was done, and then do better from there.



  1. Thomas Todd

    I’m the offender in the latter scenario.

    First of all, glad you listen to the show. Danny and I work very hard for very little in return, so feedback is what we thrive on.

    Secondly, I’m not here to defend my sense of humor because it’s a little offbeat and sometimes controversial. I’ve learned to live with this. Few understand that my brain believes i live in a post-racist, post-misogynist world where stereotypes are to be made fun of for the fact that a fringe few still believe in them.

    Thirdly, and i freaking hate playing this card, my sister is special. She’s 8 and has been diagnosed/misdiagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, OCD, ADHD, and continues to experiment with treatments to keep her erratic behavior in check. She has yet to develop past that of a 2 1/2 year old and it is killing my mother. Telling you any more would be drudging up more family issues than I am willing to talk about in a public forum, so I’ll stop there.

    Sorry for those who found the comment offensive, we will do a better job to clean up the show. But don’t expect me to soften my edge too much, I’m not clever enough to not be at least a little edgy.

    A little note: I didn’t find the SeedSpitters thing that bad. I’ve had girlfriends that baked and girlfiends that didn’t. I’ve had girlfiends that liked baseball…wait, check that, I haven’t. But it doesn’t mean what he said was true or even funny. But give the guy a break. He shouldn’t have posted it, but he isn’t sexist. Long live both cupcakes and baseball.

  2. stuartsj


    Thanks for reading, and responding. Apologies it took so long to respond. I don’t agree with what you said, but I appreciate the self-disclosure when you did not have to. I try not to make it sound like I am forcing anybody to change, but I do feel like what you and Danny do is great stuff and as you guys keep moving up, I know you know that your words will be in the spotlight that much more.

    As for the SeedSpitters, I can see why people wouldn’t think it’s that bad, but I understand a lot better why people would. I wouldn’t call him a sexist either, just needed to re-think that post.

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