Road Trip Recap #SFGiants

That picture used from the San Francisco Giants blog, showing some of the happy times of the trip. One of the perks of operating on multiple blogs is when I feel like writing something about the Giants, I’ll always have a space for it, whether it’s on this space, or on the FanSided space. Since one of my other teammates is working on a game recap there, and it could double as a trip recap, I decided I’d do mine here.

What probably matters most: Won 2, lost 4. Swept in Arizona, won 2 of 3 in Colorado.

Most Pleasant Surprises:

1. Barry Zito, who was the highlight of the trip. Not often you see a complete game shutout, and especially from Zeets.

2. Melky Cabrera, an unknown on this trip who’s pulling off a small sample size .385/.429/.615 right now with 1 HR, 3 2B and 10 H. His defense hasn’t really had the chance to show itself yet. Did he miss that liner today in the 6th? Yea, but I say that’s a pretty tough play for most LFers.

3. Brandon Crawford, who is not batting below .100 like some of us (me) thought he might be doing. He has actually made some legitimately solid contact, including his HR last night. You don’t expect his .261/.320/.522 to hold, but we’ll see how it goes. We said before the season we’d take .225, we will most certainly take that line if it stays around there.


1. Tim Lincecum, who has struck out 10 and walked 3, has seen 14 baserunners arrive safely via the hit, and has allowed two HRs. There have been some concerns that since he’s scrapped his slider to protect his elbow that it might be time to panic over him. It’s difficult not to be concerned about him, but he’s had funks before, and we just hope the one he’s in right now isn’t a prelude to a trip to take care of something of the Tommy John variety.

2. Angel Pagan, with .130/.200/.217, and maybe most importantly, 0 SB. Emmanuel Burriss has the only SB thus far, and Pagan is batting worse than leadoff men of the past (2011) did. Bochy may give Pagan tomorrow to try and make it up to the fans, but my guess is if he doesn’t perform, Blanco gets his shot. As for those clamoring for Gary Brown, just stop, because it’ll get you nowhere.

3. Bruce Bochy — I know, this may seem like classic fan banter, but now it’s come to a point where we begin to question his word, which as a human being is worst possible thing. That stuff’s for politicians, not for managers and their respective fanbases. If Brandon Belt struggles all year, fine, you gave him his chance. If you say he’s your guy and you don’t start him, we’re going to have a problem. The fact that Belt also got benched twice in Wednesday’s game was also a pretty strong slap to the face.

What’s Next:

6 game homestand, with 3 against the Pirates, and then 3 against the Phillies. Vogey comes back for Sunday’s game, while Zito will hear his loudest applause when lineups get intro’d at home.

What I Expect:

The Giants to take 4 of 6. I don’t care how they do it, but that’s the least I expect. This leaves room for Timmy to continue to struggle, and Vogey to get his bearings. You never know though what’ll happen because after all, it’s baseball.


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