#SFGiants Lock Up MadBum through 2017, Options Until 2019

Left-handed pitcher, and current #2 in the order, Madison Bumgarner has been signed through 2017 with two club options for 2018, and 2019, and we have yet to hear how much those options are worth. We do know the two options as for what will be paid out over the next 5 years. Why 2, you ask? Well, there is a question of whether Madison Bumgarner will reach the infamous “Super 2” arbitration status that give MadBum an extra year of arbitration (Buster Posey has it) that would pretty much make him more expensive had the Giants not lock him up. Here are the two scenarios:

No “Super 2” (this is the option many think will happen):

With the “Super 2”:

Reporters also noted that MadBum has a limited no-trade clause to which he can name eight teams where he cannot be dealt to.

There are two ways people can look at this: Jonah Keri’s way of there wasn’t much savings to be had, or a lot of other people’s way of extreme happiness. I’m a little of both. Consider what Madison might have made without this lock-up deal, then what would’ve happened? My guess for 2013-2017: $600K, $8MM, $10MM, $16MM, $18MM, which rounds up to $55MM, or $20MM more than the not Super 2 deal. It would be $15MM more than the Super 2 deal. I would guess the options save us around $5MM/year. Update: Options are $12MM/year, and can be worth up to $14MM in 2018, and $16MM in 2019. I think this saves the team another $10-20MM. If MadBum stays healthy, this deal is a great one for San Francisco.

So, the contract is both player-friendly and team-friendly, although not Tampa Bay Rays-type friendly. The team waited for Bumgarner to prove himself, then locked him up. I’m very OK with that, and I should hope most fans are, too. Just don’t go around expecting this deal gives us the guarantee of wooing a big bat to come to AT&T, because it won’t. Take it for what it is: a guarantee we have an ace LHP on the staff for 5 more years, and quite possibly 2 more years after that.


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