Something of a Postgame

So 3 games down, and 15 to go against the Dodgers. The feeling going into this series had pretty good levels of anticipation, the Dodgers with an inflated record from playing less than mediocre clubs, the Giants depleted from injuries making them worse than the Miami Marlins.

Tim Lincecum looked good for three innings. I’m talkin’ not-2012 good — I’ve got your attention now, haven’t I? He actually had 8 K’s amongst his 5 innings of Wednesday night. 3 of them belonged to the one that gets those MVP chants. It kills me though that the 0-2 pitch to Tony Gwynn Jr. with the bases loaded was a hanger of a splitter up and in, a prime pitch to pull. I think a part of me died inside. I don’t like seeing Dodger fans happy, because they’re the bad guys.

What didn’t kill me as much at the time but in hindsight Nate Schierholtz just made an absolute not even Little League but slow-pitch softball stupid play making a wide turn with the ball in CF that would’ve scored Belt to make it 3-0. Who knows what the game would’ve been after that (we could’ve lost 10-3, but hey, we love to speculate don’t we). No doubt Nate’s going to be grilled about it, but this game’s really on him, as much as I want to put it on Timmy for that 0-2 WTF.

If your staring at the standings and panicking, may I remind you it’s May 9th. I’m going to also remind you that some players don’t play for a month how they play for a whole season. Do not be surprised to see the Dodgers continue to do well in the first half (seriously, look at their schedule), but the second half of the season may tell a different story for the NL West. Lots of time.

Like I said earlier in my tweet parade, this day off tomorrow should do real well for Buster Posey. Some of his ABs just look like he’s exhausted.

In Arizona, here are your matchups (K/9, BB/9, ERA, FIP, xFIP):

Friday — Madison Bumgarner (5.08, 2.08, 2.31, 3.58, 3.99) vs. Patrick Corbin (8.00, 5.00, 7.00, 4.61, 3.93) in 1 start

Saturday — Matt Cain (7.94, 1.39, 2.38, 3.08, 3.42) vs. Trevor Cahill (5.35, 3.49, 3.26, 3.33, 3.70)

Sunday — Barry Zito (4.42, 4.17, 2.21, 4.42, 5.18) vs. Joe Saunders (5.90, 2.27, 2.50, 3.77, 3.95)


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