@stewardsfolly suggests 5/$60MM for Melky

Carl Steward brewed up a mini-storm amongst some bloggers last night bringing up a Melky Cabrera extension:

Honestly what makes me throw up a little in my mouth is the mention of Aaron Rowand and Bryan, my boss at Around the Foghorn shares sort of that same sentiment:

Other thoughts from other bloggers and fans:

Not a whole lot of positive support for the idea of 5/$60, not so much the idea of an extension itself. If you’re busy citing stats from years previous to 2011, you might be setting yourself up for being wrong, seeing as how Melky is a new in-shape Melky. Or, you could set yourself up for being right. It’s baseball, sometimes you can never tell. Here’s a little table of players that have at least 200 hits, 15 HR, and I included what they got paid the next year, as well as their stolen bases just for kicks:

A fun little compilation of some pretty big names there. The name with the most similar stats to Melky’s 201 hit season as you see is Dustin Pedroia (“The Laser Show”) whom I love watching. Anyway, he’s in the middle of a 6/$40.5MM contract that bought out arbitration years and two-three free agent years. The Giants aren’t getting that kind of steal of a deal for Melky. They have him right now for $6MM which if he repeats those numbers (and unsurprisingly it looks like he won’t with the HR, but can with the SB), I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Giants FO overpay for him. Give him a “Rowand” contract though? Maybe alter it a dollar or two so it’s not the same — no one needs to be reminded of that bombshell that the team is still paying off this year.

As one of the leaders of the Melky Cabrera bandwagon, I support an extension, but not 5/$60. They already said they’re not looking to do a contract with Melky during the season and I believe that. The organization would love 4, but the player will want 6+, and the likely compromise could be 5, like Carl suggested. The dollar figure would very likely be more than $50MM, so now the question just becomes do the Giants do it? If they don’t, you gotta figure someone will, and it could make the Giants look pretty bad for passing up an opportunity to keep a bat.

However, it’s also May 14th. I don’t mind the Giants waiting this one out, because that’s a significant amount of coin and salary space.


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