#FreeBelt vs. #FreePill: May 22nd Update

They’ve divided a fanbase. This article will give you the offensive numbers on them thus far in 2012.

It really shouldn’t be close. For those that are fans of reading, you expect that Belt should be a far cry away from anything Brett Pill is producing out on the field. Unfortunately for the people that spend the majority of their free time looking up numbers, blogging, and maybe even scouting, we are seeing a whole lotta snark from the Brett Pill Support Group/Brandon Belt Sucks Group.

So, what do the numbers look like? In 99 Brandon Belt PA and 66 Brett Pill PA:

I only put batting average in there for the Pill crowd. I really didn’t want to, but it gave me a good reason to include BABIP and it actually can maybe prove a point about Belt: if the homie can put the ball in play instead of striking out a quarter of the time, that batting average goes up, and the Brett Pill crowd shuts up and reluctantly gets on the bandwagon.

The HR numbers though make me wonder: where has Belt’s power gone? Is he tired? Is he injured? Is he just due for an explosion of production? Whatever it is, you just hope he finds it soon, otherwise Aubrey Huff might have to start games on a consistent basis. That is certainly the number Brett Pill fans laugh at Brandon Belt  for. The one Brandon Belt fans laugh at Brett Pill supporters for is the 27.8% infield fly ball rate. It’s also tied for 5th for highest % for hitters with more than 60 PA.

The numbers in my opinion have Belt with a slight edge, but nothing that screams BELT WINS. K.O. PERFECT. We can only hope, but remember good fans: they’re on the same team, so rooting for one to fail doesn’t really make any sense.



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