@CSNBaggs goes on the offensive, offends.

Let me start off by saying nobody mentioned within this blog post follows me. They may know of me, they might not, but on Twitter, I follow them.

Beat writers do not go after a fan every now and then, but with CSN beat writer Andrew Baggarly being the celebrity he is, and very much loved by many, including myself, I believe we have higher expectations for Mr. Baggs. We do expect Hank/Henry Schulman from the Chronicle to mock the stat heads every now and then, and we’ve had our fun with guys like Pete Abraham, Evan Grant, and I got a ton of exposure (and still am, surprisingly) thanks to Randy Miller.

I may be completely wrong in my speculation (and if I am, I apologize for said speculation), but here it is: This article on Fangraphs published over a month ago got a ton of reaction of Giants fans, and members of the organization (Flem), as well as beat writers themselves (Schulman). The reaction from those closest to the organization was not positive, and Dave was probably the most cool about opposing the thought specifically about Baseball Operations being 27th in the league. I do not remember Baggs coming out and saying anything at the time, but I believe that was the reason for today’s joining in on a conversation:

Everybody has their right to their own opinion, and their right to speech, but when I read Andrew’s first response to Wendy, I was shocked at how condescending and unprofessional it was, and I know I wasn’t the only one. Do I agree with everything Wendy says? No. But I’m not in a position of power like a beat writer is and to call someone out on a popular social media site/internet like that is what they’d say on the movie Hook as “bad form.” There are so many other routes that could have been used here that could have been more private and more professional, but that route was not chosen, and I can’t imagine how that’s possibly the best option when you might want to tell someone how you feel about them.

I am not perfect, nor do I handle every situation perfectly, but I feel lot of people have looked up to Baggarly for some time and while he should be allowed his mistakes as well (and this one will blow over in time), this one was a bad one.

So if I’m wrong about speculating that Baggs’ outburst today was due in large part to that Fangraphs piece, I am sorry, but with what I have in front of me, it’s all I can hypothesize.


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