@MLB takes a step back in tweet

So this is what I come back to my computer to after some late night exercising:

Two problems right off the bat:

1. “Like a MAN?” That’s just sexist. To say women would not block the plate is insulting, like some of them would run from the opportunity for a head-on collision?

2. Catchers that don’t block the plate aren’t baseball player-enough for you? Especially ones that may have had injuries from collisions? I’m sorry the game is ever-evolving. It must’ve killed you when Jackie Robinson broke into the game, when the pitchers mound height and distance to the plate changed, when divisions expanded, when there were more playoff spots, etc.

This comes from a twitter account that reaches over 2,000,000 people. This kinds of backwards thinking is not suited for anybody interested the advancement of the game and hopefully is addressed soon, though I’m not positive we will hear about the consequences to the tweeters action.


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