Quick Wrap for 5/25: #Marlins 7, #SFGiants 6

Tim Lincecum was fine for 4 innings really, then things started to not go his way. His velocity was at 92-94 for most of the night which was pretty dam impressive and nice to see. It would all eventually be undone with a 3 run HR to Chris Coghlan that made it 6-3 after the Marlins already rallied to tie the game up in the same inning. A pickoff throw to Belt that he missed ended up scoring the 7th and final run. The Giants chipped away near the end of the game scoring one in the 8th and 2 in the 9th off of pretty good situational hitting off of the Marlins bullpen. We had Brandon Crawford at 2nd with Melky coming up. Steve Cishek came in to close it out and here’s the AB for you in a pitch f/x graphic:

Melky struck out looking on that 6th pitch of a slider as Cishek was never able to get his fastballs close to the zone. He looked at the 5th pitch of a slider as well, but I gotta say that was an absolutely tough AB that Melky had. That 6th pitch was as borderline strike as borderline can get. Tip your cap, move on.

If you’re looking for goats (and after a loss, who isn’t?), you can have a bunch of people on your list like Crawford (out at 3rd), coaching staff (trusting Lincecum), Timmy (see: 5 run 6th), Belt (missed pickoff throw), Theriot (just cuz), and the list can go on and on. In a one-run game, you can point the finger a lot of ways, just don’t try telling me it’s any one person’s fault: they really lost as a team tonight, and didn’t have enough innings to come back over the Marlins.

By the way, Mike Stanton HR’d again today. Not really news, but he hit the tower of terror in LCF on a pitch I don’t think he got all of. Crazy good power, that kid. And we get to see him for 2 more games!


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