From 0-27 By the Numbers: #SFGiants sweep #Dodgers

The Giants held all the keys to victory in this series

0: Runs scored by the Dodgers

1: Guys in the Giants bullpen that was not used (Hensley)

2: Times the Dodgers have beat the Giants this season

3: Games James Loney didn’t start this series

4: Times the Giants have beat the Dodgers this season

5: The number of times the Dodgers swung and missed at a Barry Zito pitch

6: Pitchers between both teams used each game

7: Innings each Giants starting pitcher went

7.5: Games back Giants were of the Dodgers a month ago

8: Hits the Giants had in Game 2

9: Dodgers struck out in the final game

10: Hits the Giants had in Game 3

11: Pitches Sergio Romo needed to get the final 4 outs of the series

12: Games the Giants and Dodgers still have yet to play this season

13: Hits Giants had in Game 1

14: Number of curveballs, and two seam fastballs Timmy threw today

15: Nathan Eovaldi’s Game Score from Friday

16: Hits the Dodgers had in all three games

17: The MPH difference between Timmy’s fastest fastball, and his slowest curveball today

18: AB the Dodgers had with RISP this series

19: Road wins the Dodgers had coming into AT&T

20: Times Giants struck out in the 3 games

Broke another one

21: Men the Dodgers LOB in the series

22: First-pitch strikes Chad Billingsley had in the final game

23: Pitches Scott Elbert needed to complete his inning, but no Giants pitcher (starter or reliever) needed more than 21

24: Outs each game the Giants got into… but scored runs

25: Men the Giants LOB in the series

26: Pitches Brandon Crawford saw in his two starts

27: Outs each game the Dodgers got into without scoring a run

Again with the jumping!


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