Series Preview: #SFGiants (45-35) vs. #Nationals (45-32)

Four consecutive series with teams in the top two of their division have made/will make for more exciting baseball around the Bay, but things are about to get hot, especially if you’re going to go to check out the boys in DC and Pittsburgh. The Nationals have just got off of playing in Colorado and Atlanta, and their bats were certainly alive and well. This will be a series the nation has their eyes on as the NL West and NL East leaders square off in the nation’s capital.

Tuesday, July 3rd: RHP Tim Lincecum vs. RHP Jordan Zimmerman

One sentence summary: The biggest thing Giants fans may be talking about is not necessarily the pitchers, but that Hector Sanchez may bump Brandon Belt out of the lineup, whose bat was loud against the Reds.

Wednesday, July 4th: LHP Madison Bumgarner vs. RHP Edwin Jackson

One sentence summary: 8AM PST start should keep things cooler, but the North Carolina boy shouldn’t find anything foreign about that summer weather.

Thursday, July 5th: RHP Matt Cain vs. LHP Ross Detwiler

One sentence summary: Detwiler has the lowest LD% of the starters at 13.4%, so hopefully the solid contact the Giants get is very loud.

Small Sample Sizes (Last 7 Days) and Overall Numbers

The Nationals have 13 HR from their players in the last seven, while the Giants have had only 2. Does it help to have faced Colorado? Sure, but you still have to hit ’em. Ian Desmond (.568 L7 wOBA, .340 wOBA overall), Michael Morse (.520, .317), Jesus Flores (.505, .284), Tyler Moore (.493, .437 in 68 PA), and Ryan Zimmerman (.485, .291) have all been smiles recently but as you see, most of these guys might be due for some cooling down once they face the likes of Timmy, MadBum, and Cain. The star prospect turned starting OF Bryce Harper (.247, .356) will have a challenge on his hands in getting back on track, even as he has 8 HR already (would be 2nd on the Giants to Buster).

The Giants haven’t had anyone with nearly as ballooned wOBA as the five Nats listed earlier, and you may know Buster (.441, .367) has been the guy doing the most damage, but he’s also grounded into 3 double plays in the last 7 (11 overall). Melky also has a decent wOBA going both in his last 7, and overall (.419, .390), and is one of the two guys that has homered in the past week (Pablo being the other). Gregor Blanco’s actually been flying out to the infield in nearly half his AB in the past week (42.9%), and the guy who we got to read about today in Carl Steward’s article has actually been kind of lackluster recently with the stick (.194, .267). Both squads will have their hands full with the guys opposing them on the mound during this mid-week series.

Series Prediction

You may have noticed that these three games will all be solid matchups, and you may have heard that the Giants don’t even get to face Stephen Strasburg or Gio Gonzalez during their time in DC! Does not mean this series will be easy, just not as difficult on paper.

Tuesday: Giants win (just enough offense to support Timmy)

Wednesday: Giants win (MadBum makes All Star case)

Thursday: Nationals win (Cain doesn’t bounce back just yet)

Should be an exciting series for the baseball fan, but the organizational fan might find their hands on their heads more often than not.


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