Series Preview: #SFGiants (56-49) vs. #Rockies (38-65)

A HR in 4 straight games will get you some attention as Josh Rutledge welcome the Giants into Coors Field

The Giants have not been winning lately, as evidenced by their losing 7 of the last 8 against completely beatable teams like the Padres, Dodgers, and Mets. They now get to face the laughing stock of the west known as the Colorado Rockies, who have not won a series since they took 2 of 3 from the Nationals before the All Star Break. It’s been a tough month for them, but Rockies fans will have no sympathy for the struggles of the Giants, because have you heard: the Rockies are a mess, all the way up to their front office. A sweepable series on paper for the G’s, but most fans are so in the doldrums of depression over the Giants that they are wondering how the boys from SF will screw this one up, or who won’t come through in the clutch.

Friday, August 3rd: RHP Ryan Vogelsong vs. LHP Jonathan Sanchez

One sentence summary: As you’ll notice, these are just Dirty’s numbers with the Rockies, not that his Royals numbers were very stellar to begin with, which led to the swap between those teams for him and Jeremy Guthrie.

Saturday, August 4th: LHP Madison Bumgarner vs. LHP Jeff Francis

One sentence summary: This could be the day Jeff Francis trolls us all by throwing a CG SHO just because Madison Bumgarner is pitching.

Sunday, August 5th: RHP Tim Lincecum vs. LHP Christian Friedrich 

One sentence summary: Two pitchers that have the ability to strike out guys but also have the tendency to walk people is almost like watching two Jonathan Sanchez’s facing each other.

Offensive Offenses

Gotta make this quick: Josh Rutledge, Tyler Colvin, Ramon Hernandez, and Jordan Pacheco have been relatively hot lately. Troy Tulowitzki is still injured with his strained groin so you don’t gotta worry about him. Carlos Gonzalez is still good. The Rockies have 2 guys with double digit SB, but 5 with double digit HR.

Buster Posey is being awesome right now, and Marco Scutaro plus Brandon Belt have been trying to contribute, but Theriot, Pagan, and Blanco have been balancing them out. The key for the series: coming through with RISP, because they can get them there, but you can’t rely on your pitching staff to hold every team to less than 2 runs every game.

Series Prediction

Friday: Giants

Saturday: Giants

Sunday: Rockies

Probably going to be a break from doing these as I’m getting married tomorrow and have married couple things to do the following week. Enjoy and go Giants!

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