Quick Post: To My Giants Fans Friends that <3 Numbers

OK, today hasn’t been the best when we talk about the Giants lineup. Let’s make this quick because we have a sweep to prepare for.

Buster got scratched due to a tight hamstring. Coincidentally, he played 1B that day.

Lots of people like to get mad at Bochy for this. He’s a convenient scapegoat, I get it, but if you’re going to get mad at him, get mad at him for not resting Posey, if anything. Bochy wants Posey’s bat in the lineup, and who wouldn’t want it in there? Posey’s come out and said he know 1B isn’t a “day off” but a point was raised last night that Timmy throws so many bouncers it can indeed beat up on a catcher, so maybe it’s better Posey doesn’t take it right now.

The same people are mad at Bochy for playing Pablo at 1B. Would his injury had happened had he been playing at his natural position of 3B? Likely not, since that stretch was very 1B-y. However, I’m pretty sure that was also a time when Brandon Belt was not in the best of streaks, and the game is both scouting and numbers, not one nor the other. When your squad is struggling, you will look to move pieces in hopes of sparking something. We’ve seen the lineup change so much we know this team is not one to simply wait things out for an extended period of time (and by “extended period” I mean a full season).

Joaquin Arias is batting 5th? TF?!??! He’s only been hot in the last x days!

Yea, I know, and I’ve covered that in the past few series previews I’ve done. Some people are peppering beat writer Hank with SSS questions and for those that have done the reading, you know a SSS by the research is around 1500 PA, if I remember correctly. You can ride the wave, and OK, I get that, too. Just don’t be shocked when the wave comes down and don’t be stubborn with the crash when it happens.

It is odd that Arias, as friend of many bloggers Dan Szymborski noted, got to be in the 6th spot based off of a “hot bat” so much quicker than Brandon Belt. But you know, this is a Bochy double-whammy: hot bat, and platoon. Also, I guarantee you this wouldn’t happen if Melky and Posey were in the lineup.

OK, that’s that. Now let’s watch Matt Cain do his thing, and hope Buster’s feeling 100% tomorrow.


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