More Than Giants Fans Will Hate the Dodgers

Even since their time in New York, the Giants and the Trolley Dodgers never had much love for each other. It’s almost too perfect that one resides in Northern California, and the other in Southern California, bumping up the intensity of the NorCal vs. SoCal “who is better” cockfight that never seems to end. Thankfully, it’s baseball season right now, so everyone has their eyes focused on these two teams, instead of the Sharks & Kings, Warriors & Lakers (or Clippers), 49ers & Raiders (although nobody really talks about hating the 49ers down here), Earthquakes & Galaxy (or Chivas). Did I hit all the sports? No, I’m not getting into collegiate stuffs. Enough! This is a baseball article, gosh darnit, and this tangent has gone far enough.

The most recent blockbuster deal has been written about, and discussed about ad nauseam to the point that even the casual fan can probably name the two PTBNL in the deal. What is news is how much payroll the new ownership has added to their major league roster, including an international signing, and that money isn’t just for this year, but what the guys with the checkbooks are responsible for: $675 million. Nearly 3/4 of a billion dollars. The Dodgers have come out and said they’re not done yet, and while some might scoff at that because they’re right around the luxury tax line, it’s hard to see why they would stop. If you are being given just $175MM/year for 20 years, that’s just about paying for the current 25-man roster for LA. Now imagine if they create their own network and start making about $400MM/year. I don’t even know what you do with that kind of stupid money. Oh and if you haven’t heard, ESPN and MLB just extended their agreement to keep showing the sport of baseball for eight more years. So while the Giants will get some money, so will the Dodgers. Very likely the Dodgers will stash that to buy their bench players or something, if not used for TV stuffs.

So if you’re the Dodgers, and you want to flex your financial muscle, you’re going to outdo the Yankees’ nearly $210MM payroll. That probably means two more big names for the Dodgers — I’m thinking along the lines of Zack Greinke and they trade for a guy like Cliff Lee. They’re going to get annoying, and the baseball world will notice. I’m not arguing the Giants haven’t been anybody’s favorite team: some people probably not getting all the Buster Posey love, others who have never done drugs judging Tim Lincecum, and self-proclaimed douchebag haters blowing off steam every time Brian Wilson shows his beard with his face, but the Dodgers are going to get annoying a la the Philadelphia Phillies with a New York Yankees sized set of pockets. The Dodgers will win games, and plenty of them for the next three years. Will it end up in a/multiple parade(s) at L.A. Live? Who knows. Knowledgable baseball fans know the best team doesn’t always win it, especially with more teams gracing the postseason picture, so it really is anyone’s game within those ten teams.

Now, they could also become the laughing stock of baseball, like the Cubs or like the Phillies of now, but that’s less likely, in my opinion. They’ll be good for a while, and they’ll be annoying, being the organization nearly every casual fan wants their team to be: obnoxious, big pockets, and all about the short-term. As a baseball fan, how do you not despise that?… If you’re not a fan of Dodger Blue? Although, as a baseball fan, you are going to marvel at the product they put out there as long as everybody’s healthy.


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