QuickPost: #DefeatSF vs. #BeatLA Game 13 of 18

Good Friday to you all. Here are the announced lineups for the home Giants and the visiting Dodgers:


For Giants fans, you’ll notice Belt’s in LF for the first time since September 28th of last season.

The Dodgers’ 3-4-5 guys in the lineup in their career vs. Lincecum stack up like this:

Gonzalez: 8-for-39, 16 K’s, 0 HR

Kemp: 9-for-39, 17 K’s, 1 2B

HanRam: 3-for-11, 1 2B, 1 HR, 4 K’s

Let me warn you those are all small sample sizes, but those are some pretty big K numbers for Adrian and Matt.

For Dodgers fans, you’re probably wondering why the guy with your second highest on base percentage in A.J. Ellis (.381) is batting 8th… or you’ve gotten used to it. Recent thorn in the side of nearly every NL team Luis Cruz is not in the lineup. Adam Kennedy is 8-for-21 in his career against Lincecum, so maybe that’s why, but it’s just a guess.

This season, the Giants are 7-5 against the Dodgers, and 4-2 against them at AT&T. In the all time series, the Giants lead the Dodgers 1,187-1,163, so we don’t have to worry about the Dodgers catching the Giants just yet! The Giants are 4.5 games ahead of the Dodgers in the NL West at the moment.


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