The Giants and 2013: A Month-by-Month Look

You’ve probably seen the new schedule, and you’ve probably read all the articles you’ve felt necessary, and then I come along and give you another fix to your scheduling addiction. Screen shots are taken from the San Francisco Giants schedule page. Next season’s schedule is among the most interesting baseball fans have seen in some time, since the Houston Astros are off to the AL West, creating a schedule where every team plays 20 interleague games, and the interleague lasts all season. Month-by-month, here we go:


The Dodgers get the chance to prove their place can be a civil place to host a baseball game against the Giants for a season opener for the first time since… 2011. April is pretty loaded with NL West opponents outside of their trip to the Midwest from the 11th-18th, and their home opener against the Cardinals for the first time since… 2011. Just checked, the April 2011 and April 2013 schedules are not exactly the same.


A long homestand, complete with days off before and after potential playoff contenders. AND THEN a two day trip to Toronto, and then a four-gamer at Colorado? Color me confuzzled. Many have noticed the four-game series with the A’s, splitting two at AT&T and two at the football stadium in Oakland.


This schedule just gets more interesting as you go, with a stretch of 14 of 16 games on the road. More specifically a tease of a two-game homestand with Toronto, but the schedulers were kind enough to give the Giants a travel day before and after it, including one after the Arizona series. It really is fascinating to me how this schedule works itself out. The June 4th-16th stretch of games should be an interesting test of games for the Gigantes.


I feel like the Giants always go to Cincy in July, but it didn’t happen in 2012, 2010, nor 2009, so it’s just me. However, there is a lot of orange in July, which should make the season-ticket holders plenty happy, as well as many families looking for a day at the yard during Summer Break.


This month looks like a flag to me, with the colors and everything. It also looks like the Giants fans get to check out the beauty that is Tropicana Field. Can’t wait to hear all about their catwalks. This month of all the months is the most difficult to predict for me. All of these opponents have tanking and playoff potential (Yes, even the Rockies if they can stay healthy, and pitch), and will be interesting to watch play out.


Everyone’s talking about the mid-September road trip: LA for four, Mets and the Yankees for three a-piece, and why not? Big names, big playoff push, and lacking the September 2012 feel of exclusively teams at or west of the Rockies. Then, a six-game homestand to finish the year, hopefully with celebrations of playoffs filling the seats.

Go ahead and look at other team’s schedules, but the fact of the matter is not one person on this planet knows how any team will do in 2013. Personnel changes, injuries, career years can all make for seasons with certain teams we certainly never expected.

If anything, look at the schedules to plan a road trip, plan an experience that you can look back on as you grow older. Thank me later.

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