Some WBC Rosters

The World Baseball Classic is starting to get set for 2013, and Baseball America has given us the pleasure of getting us to take a look at some of the rosters! Some people have already pointed out some of the oddities of the rosters of France, Israel, Spain, and South Africa, but maybe you didn’t get to see them.


“Pitching Coach — Eric Gagne.” Yes, that Eric Gagne. Someone on twitter said they expect every pitcher on the staff to be wearing goggles (as a joke).


An outfielder with the last name of Pitcher. Does France have no respect for the game?!?!?


The team from Israel (whose OF are pictured above) is fielding two old favorites… with the emphasis on “old.” Nearly 40 YO Shawn Green and 37 YO Gabe Kapler are the veteran presents (this is spelled correctly) other teams will probably be happy to see!

Couldn’t find anything else that was odd from Spain’s roster, or South Africa’s, really. Well, 21/27 South Africa’s players are from Capetown or Johannesburg. On the flip side, only one player on Spain’s roster has a hometown in Spain, the fewest of the four rosters featured.


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