The Standings: Just As We Thought!

Before the season started, many things were certain. This is a post about that, and taking a look at where we are now with a little bit of the unexpected, 154-155 games into the season.

AL East — Just As We Thought: The Yankees are in first place!… but the Orioles are in second and have a 78.9% chance of making the playoffs.

AL Central — Just As We Thought: The Tigers are in first place!… but so are the White Sox.

AL West — Just As We Thought: The Rangers are in first place!… but they’re focusing on fending off… the A’s?

NL East — Just As We Thought: Washington would be more competitive this year!… but to the tune of 93-61? Holy.

NL Central — Just As We Thought: Pittsburgh’s pitching wouldn’t help its cause for a playoff spot in the end!… but the Reds are tied for the best record in the NL?

NL West — Just As We Thought: Colorado was terrible!… but the Dodgers added more than $200MM in payroll in August and fell ten games behind the eventual division winning Giants who clinched the same day as the Reds.

The Second Wild Card — Just As We Thought: Would allow more teams to be competitive!… but did you think teams like Anaheim, Boston, Philadelphia, and Arizona would be on the outside looking in?

Baseball, ya’ll. Baseball.


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