Bob Nightengale (@BNightengale) of USA Today: “Cabrera Pulling Away in MVP Race”

The AL MVP debate has become pretty polarizing, and in more than just a “our fanbase versus the world” type of debate, but one in which we argue with advanced statistics, the significance of play in later months when more people are paying attention, and changing positions for the possibility of a better outcome for your team. If you read Bob Nightengale’s article yesterday, then you have an inside look as to how the Miguel Cabrera for MVP camp is thinking. And as he and Buster Olney notes, a lot of players and coaches are pulling for him pretty hard him. Consider as Nightengale has said that Pablo, and Josh Hamilton have been texting him, and all-around nice guy Jim Thome has supported him, and of course teammates like Prince Fielder and Delmon Young on are his side, that should be no surprise whatsoever. Prince calls the fact we’re having the debate “embarrassing,” but I think he should be given a pass because he’s on the field with Cabrera. It’s not his job to go home and dissect the numbers.

Bob Nightengale though, is one of the national media members who is thinking like a uniformed player, and the people on Twitter tried last night to let him know his thinking was flawed. From the beginning:

“Pulling away” never shows up in his article, so I wonder if that’s an editor’s work, but Nightengale I doubt had any problem with the verbiage.

Confirmed: he thinks Miguel Cabrera is putting the bow on the present that is the MVP award. Also confirmed: he loves the triple crown.

I thought this was an excellent time for Bob to come out and make a Twitter-stance against Sabermetrics, but I believe he was busy watching the Tigers game at the time.

That highlighted tweet really is key to understand the Miguel Cabrera camp: stats in September are more important than any other month, therefore Trout < Cabrera.

And there’s no pressure in baseball games from April-July. Those high leverage at bats, on the basepaths, and moments in the field you had in those games? Sorry.

Sometimes when he’s not joking around, the @DodgersGM account makes solid points, and here was no exception.

Another point that is being argued. However, I would not go to say that the move is being penalized, but more that it is not being given much value. I don’t believe that constitutes for a “penalty” as a lot of people are suggesting.

It is not hard to understand any of the arguments Nightengale and people that reside in the same camp as he does is making — because I believe everybody started their careers of baseball analysis there — but they should be the basis for saying Miguel Cabrera has had a spectacular season, not for him being the MVP, because that belongs to Mike Trout. Let me link some articles to you, both from the pro-Trout and pro-Cabrera faction that I think try to do good work in giving the MVP to the logical choice.

What I’m Reading (Subscriptions might be required for the first and last articles)

Keith Law — Mike Trout is the only rational choice for AL MVP

Brian Kenny — The triple crown is nonsense

Bill Shaikin’s latest from the LA Times — Two camps stake out turf in Trout-Cabrera debate

Russell Carleton — A sabermetric case for Miguel Cabrera’s MVP Candidacy


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