AL MVP Debate Without Using WAR

You shouldn’t have to do something like this, but the old school people seem to be refusing WAR like a teenager refuses their vegetables. So let me modify the argument a little bit just from the batter’s box WITHOUT using the hated “Wins Above Replacement.”

I just counted those stats each led in for your convenience, so you wouldn’t have to count. One might argue that from all these stats you look at that overall it’s kind of equal anyway, while Cabrera might have more favorable power numbers, it isn’t like one guy is blowing out the other… and where one is leading in an individual stat, you have an answer for it from the other guy. Lots of runs? Look at the RBI blowout! More total bases? How about all those double plays you grounded into? Look at how much he doubles! Look how he never triples! And so on. My only drawback to the whole argument is that the advanced stats at the bottom slightly favor Trout over Cabrera. I guess that’s where I really run into a brick wall with the people that hate WAR, because if they hate WAR, what will make them consider things like wOBA and wRC+, two other popular advanced metrics?

Oh well, I tried. And I totally forgot Cabrera has one more positional change for the betterment of his team than Trout does, ugh. What we should all agree on even with that team move though, is that the MVP is more than just what’s in the batter’s box, but it also considers other facets of the game. Clubhouse, OK, but baserunning and defense for sure, please, because that also is pretty important for a baseball player when considering the full body of work.


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