#SFGiants Roster and Game 1 Lineup Announced

While much of the nation basks in the infield fly rule and remains in shock over the Rangers collapse, fans in still contending playoff cities are abuzz over their team’s next game and that could not be more true than for Giants, Reds, A’s, and Tigers fans as their teams get ready to start their series today. Yesterday afternoon the Giants announced their 25-man roster during the workout, along with their Game 1 lineup. The Reds will announce their roster (followed by their lineup) later today. As for now, here’s what the Giants 25-man roster will look like:


Although Bochy talked about “speed” being something they were interested in, in the end, no extra legs were put on the bench. Bochy has himself twelve arms to work with, which I believe is more his style (than eleven); a backup catcher, two backup infielders, and one backup outfielder. Names that are missing from the roster that were potentials include Clay Hensley, Emmanuel Burriss, and Francisco Peguero.

Here are the names that are scheduled to start against Reds RHP Johnny Cueto today at 6:30PM:


No big surprises in that lineup, including the order in which they are batting. I’d say something like “expect to see this lineup tomorrow” but if Blanco does an 0-fer and Nady gets a PH knock then he’ll start tomorrow over Blanco, you know how it goes. We won’t worry about Belt in LF until Game 3, and considering we don’t know whether it will be 0-2, 1-1, or 2-0, we’ll leave that talk for the day off on Monday.


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