Your #SFGiants Hitting Leaders Thru Two Games!

Well, it’s been a depressing set of games, and whether you’re a loyal to the end, or you just joined the party, I’m glad you’re sticking around to still give your time to the greatest sport on the planet. Baseball’s a funny game, and stuff can go your way (2010), and other times, it just gives you the middle finger repeatedly (Games 1 & 2). You came for the numbers, so here they are:

Batting Average: Gregor Blanco (.400), Buster Posey (.286), Pablo Sandoval (.222)

On Base Percentage: Blanco (.500), Posey (.444), Brandon Belt (.429)

Slugging Percentage: Posey (.714), Blanco (.600), Sandoval (.333)

Home Runs and RBI: Posey (1)

Doubles: Pablo and Gregor (1 each)

Hopefully this is a post we look back on and say, “Man, those two games sucked! I’m glad they made that epic comeback on their way to the 2012 championship!” Don’t scoff at me! If you read my other article you know they’ve won three in a row fifteen times this season! With baseball, sometimes the best question to ask (with emphasis on sometimes) to ask is: Why not?


It should be the mantra right now.


One comment

  1. crzblue

    Well as a good Dodger fan I have enjoyed this past two ganes. You would not have it any other way right?
    Go Reds I got some Dodgers in that team that I am rooting for like Baker & Broxton (he did great in my fantasy team). B
    randon Phillips is a lot of fun. He is always nice to my litle friend Deuce.
    Go Reds!

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