Game 5: How Do You Spell Your Name?

Matt Cain vs. Mat Latos. Friend vs. Foe. Champion vs. Broke Dave Flemming’s Sunroof.

Mat Latos spoke very quickly about tomorrow, and there isn’t that much to put on bulletin boards or anything. He’s going to do his thing just like Matt will try to do. The regular season numbers for the two:


Matt Cain in his one start against the Reds this series went 5.0 innings, struck out 4, and got torched twice on a Brandon Phillips curveball that hung and a Jay Bruce changeup that he just beat, and really wasn’t all that horrible of a pitch.

Mat Latos threw for 4.0 inning in Game 1, struck out only one, and saw Buster Posey pull a pitch away just over the LF wall for one of the two runs the Giants would score that game.

That Game 4 offense where the 1-thru-3 hitters going 6-for-11 will be pivotal towards the Giants going for the GABP sweep, while Cincinnati has left 17 on base in the past two games (7 and 10), and if the Reds want to salvage a game at home and go on to the NLCS, are going to have to do better than the 1-for-11 with RISP they’ve had in Cincy.

Throughout the series, I’d say both bullpens when featuring their guys they like to use in winning situations have been pretty good. Casilla (Game 1), and Chapman (Game 1) have the only ER of bullpen guys I put into that category for the Giants and Reds (to be fair, that’s not the way I evaluate bullpen guys, but they also didn’t have great outings that night, either). Broxton (Game 3) really should have got out of that Giants rally, but Scott Rolen blew it for him and ultimately, the Reds.

I imagine that everyone for the Reds and Giants will be available except for the Game 4 starters, whom Dusty and Bruce probably wouldn’t call on, anyway unless things got all 20-innings. Very curious to see what both managers do with their Game 5 lineups.

If the A’s win their game tonight, the Giants and Reds will play at 10:07AM PST.

If the Tigers win their matchup tonight, SF and Cincy will go at it at 11:07AM PST. The game will be on along with those horrible CitiBank, sitcom, and avocado commercials on TBS.


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