NLCS: Game 2 Lineups Posted

Breaking news: The lineups are the same.




Fangraphs posted an article on the difficulty of stealing off of Chris Carpenter, so if Bochy and company look at their numbers, they probably won’t run on Carpenter. Don’t forget Molina is already an above-average CS catcher to boot. Kind of wished they saw Jason Motte is a reverse-platoon pitcher though (fares better against LHH than RHH). Oh well, that’s why I’m sitting on my couch and they’re in the big boy chairs.

Chris Carpenter allowed seven hits in his start to the Nationals, but only one was an XBH, so the Giants are going to need to do a better job of breaking him than the Nats did. Breaking him like they did Lance Lynn would be preferable, but to the point where they are winning. We’ve seen how both of these bullpens can shut down the opposition. The Giants don’t need the big fly to win, but they do need their big bats to contribute to the cause.


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