Three-Team Trade Thighliting Tlazy Tsaturday

Can’t even enjoy a Saturday eating out at a sushi place with my wife and her family and not have Billy Beane go all off-season on me. Since the press conferences haven’t been held yet, we don’t know where this all started, but after some waiting, we’ve come to know some of the terms of the deals along with the money exchanged. A trade between the Oakland A’s, Arizona Diamondbacks, and Miami Marlins took place today, and let’s talk about who got what:

The A’s Got: 

OF Chris Young (from the D-Backs)

$500,000 (from the D-Backs)

The Diamondbacks Got: 

IF Cliff Pennington (from the A’s) link goes straight to his splits versus other teams — look at his stats vs. the Giants!

RP Heath Bell (from the Marlins) link goes to his stats page on Fangraphs

$8,000,000 (from the Marlins)

The Marlins Got:

SS Prospect Yordy Cabrera (from the A’s)

Happier fans, for now

Early votes from the twittersphere suggest the A’s and Billy Beane have “won” this deal on paper, since they’re buying relatively low on Chris Young, while getting rid of Cliff Pennington (and having a healthier Stephen Drew on their roster already) and only parting with a very meh prospect, or “prospect” as some might call him. The “loser” of this trade is predictably being labeled the D-Backs because Heath Bell is fat, and the DBacks will pay him $6.5MM/year. The Marlins can now focus on being a much stronger team without Bell because Jeffrey Loria is a snake  no, not relevant people in Florida like baseball ugh no, not true. I don’t know.

I didn’t watch Heath Bell that much in 2012 so I can’t tell you what was wrong with him, but we do know he had a horrible start, although quietly had a finish that was much of what the Marlins signed him for. Maybe Arizona will get more of San Diego Heath Bell than Miami Heath Bell? That is to be seen. I think this deal with Bell could work out more for the DBacks than initial reactions suggest (but not to the point of being ecstatic that $6.5MM/yr is being designated to a 7th inning guy). To echo Diamondbacks fans though, if the DBacks think Pennington is their starting SS in 2013, there could be a lot of grumbling fans in the stands.

We wonder also about what the A’s do from here with their outfield of Chris Young, Yoenis Cespedes, Josh Reddick, and Coco Crisp. Got to imagine Billy Beane isn’t done dealing quite yet. If you can think of any teams that might need an outfielder this season, you can bet he’s thinking of that team as a potential trade partner. Oh look, the Giants need an outfielder in 2013 because we don’t know if Gary Brown will be ready at the start of the season. Only the front office really knows the answer to that right now. Stay tuned.


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