Melky Alone Didn’t Give the Giants Home Field Advantage

National League Champs! Yes! This post isn’t about the triumph, but of the ignorance that will suggest one player is to be given thanks for the Giants starting Game 1 at home.


Something that will be an annoying narrative mostly because it’s not true is “well the Giants got home field advantage in the World Series because Melky Cabrera! He was the MVP!” Yes, he was the MVP, but in saying the Melky gave the Giants HFA ignores everything else that happened throughout the game. The play-by-play from the top of the 1st:

Melky singled. I’ll give you that he started a rally, but Ryan Braun doubled him in. 1-0, National League never looks back. Beltran walks, Posey walks, Pablo triples now they’re up 4-0. Uggla even contributes and the NL goes up big enough on the AL that the game ended up being rather unexciting. Matt Cain and the rest of the NL pitchers shut down the American League with 9 goose eggs up on the scoreboard. Melky did get a 2-R HR, and maybe that was the nail in the coffin, but don’t tell me that Melky gave the Giants HFA. It’s too convenient of a scapegoat reason to either hate the Giants or give full credit to Melky. It may be a ticky-tack argument by me, and I realize a lot of people know that Melky wasn’t the only one that did work with the bat, but it’s going to be something that’s pinned on the Giants because Melky is the name that came out of the All Star Game. It really would be more accurate to pin it on Giants fans for putting the players there than to pin it on one athlete, but that’s one fan’s opinion.

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