Scouting the #Tigers with Hot/Cold TAv Zones

Back by popular demand my liking colors, I’m bringing back for the third series in a row the hot/cold zones that are scouting the Detroit Tigers hitters using Baseball Prospectus’ True Average (TAv) as a metric. I’m going to list the lineup in a vs. LHP manner for simplicity’s sake and then include a couple of the other hitters. Remember these numbers are based on the second half production and are taken from the catcher’s point of view, and numbers against both LHP and RHP are considered.

Austin Jackson

So to give a crash course on interpreting this: Jackson really likes that inside pitch, and wasn’t as successful away in the strike zone in that middle third and upper third.

Omar Infante

So avoid throwing him something right down the middle and we should be alright!

Miguel Cabrera

Look at all that red… but he’s so confident in his abilities that he will chase.

Prince Fielder (LHH)

Interesting that he didn’t do that much in that low, inside corner in the second half, but inside the plate he can still crush the ball, so I don’t take that blue spot all too seriously.

Delmon Young

This guy was your ALCS MVP so hopefully this layoff has given time for him to cool off.

Jhonny Peralta

Andy Dirks (LHH)

Probably the most interesting hot/cold chart of all the ones posted here.

Avisail Garcia (no zone, so you’ll settle for this picture!)

Gerald Laird

And you wonder why he’s at the bottom of the batting order.

Alex Avila (LHH)

Quintin Berry (LHH)

So there you have it for the Tigers and how they did in the second half. Tomorrow at 5PM PST, all the scouting reports and attempts to execute will come into play.


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