World Series Game 4: This Could Be It (Chance One of Four)

You’ve heard about the San Francisco Giants leading the Detroit Tigers 3-0 and the history in the World Series that teams with 3-0 leads have never gone further than 5 games. 20 of those 23 teams swept. I don’t care much for “it’s never happened before therefore it can never happen again” type talk, so let’s talk about what has happened: The Giants have lost 4 in a row two times this year, the Tigers have won 4 in a row eight times (seven times in the regular season, once in the postseason). The Giants know as well as anybody that a team with its back against the wall like the Tigers are capable of lighting it up at any time… getting hot, that’s what the postseason is all about, isn’t it?

Anyway, the lineups. The Giants with a new DH blessing their 8 spot:


Ryan Theriot has the slash line that would tell you things could be alright in .269/.314/.308, but obviously he hasn’t done much power against RHP, including a .279 wOBA against and a 76 wRC+ vs. RHP. Not really all that inspiring, but I will say it’s probably going to be better than what Hector Sanchez could do.

The Tigers and some notes from them:


It was going to be the normal Tigers lineup vs. a RHP, but now Gerald Laird will take Avila’s spot in the lineup. Gerald Laird, as you may remember, does not throw out basestealers at as good of a rate as Avila, so this could be a break for the Giants.

5:15PM PST first pitch on FOX. No matter what the score is in tonight’s game, or in any of the if necessary games, it is not over until the final out is recorded. Hopefully the baseball season ends tonight.

Go Giants.


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