World Series: So That Was Something Else

Play that victory tune I like

I’ve been battling what my wife and I think has been a sinus infection, and alcohol really congests the heck out of me, so I haven’t been drinking like many other adults out there. I wish I could have had a beer or something, but the extreme feeling of happiness will do. I don’t know how we can process this, so I’ll just do a by the numbers thing.

0: Number of times the Giants lost in the World Series

1: Extra inning game in the World Series, and ultimately, the final game the 2012 season would see

2: Wins the Reds had against the Giants before the G-men charged back; the number of championships in three years

3: Wins the Cards had until Zito led the charge; also the number of innings the Giants trailed in the World Series

4: Wins against the Tigers in their first ever World Series matchup

6: Runs scored by the Tigers, tied for the fourth-fewest in a four-game series in MLB history

7: Consecutive wins the Giants ended their season with

11: in the morning on the 31st is when the parade will begin in San Francisco

24: Hits in the postseason by Pablo Sandoval, a club record

56: Consecutive innings the Giants were not behind

89: MPH that Sergio Romo sinker had to end the baseball season

See you at the parade.


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