The Worst Thing About the Parade

This was a great production put on by the City of San Francisco and the Giants. It doesn’t matter what time I showed up and how long I waited for the parade to start, it really that has no bearing on this article. There is so much positive material about this parade, and I will provide my own article on it to counter this one afterwards, but this is probably a selfish suggestion: if the parades are for celebration and for the fans, ban the sports journalists from interviewing the people that are a part of the parade during the parade.

Lady, I’m sure you’re a nice person, but get out the way.


More blockage


This shot of J.T. Snow would be so great, except there’s a media team in front of me.

Now, when I parked it in the spot I would end up standing at, I noticed the media trucks nearby, but I didn’t think about how I might be blocked by media. Cameramen, OK. People interviewing? Never crossed my mind. To be fair, these guys are doing their jobs. They did not decide to pick on the people in my area and say “these people look like jerks, let’s give them what’s coming.” They were given permission to do their thing, and I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt that they were going to try and do the best job they try to do to interview the popular role players.

Watching some of Fox’s coverage that my mom DVR’d, it’s getting me really mad that they also talked to the players before the cars got moving and yet they had to talk to them again near the end of their route while they were moving, and I know Fox was not the only network to interview players during the parade and probably got some other people upset. Personally, I believe this is overkill, and if we’re lucky to have this happen again, the amount of people interviewing and slowing the parade down should be reduced to optimize the enjoyment for the hundreds of thousands of people that came out to see their heroes, not to see their experiences obstructed because of the people with media credentials.


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