It’s Been Thongy, Aubrey

Aubrey Huff’s $10MM option for the 2013 season was declined. He wasn’t all that active in 2012 as he was in his first two years with the Giants. In his time, he’s got some fans, and I’m not sure if they’re shocked he’s leaving, or they just felt attached to him.





If it’s to have him retire as an Oriole with the one-day contract thing, OK, but it might not be a good idea to sign a back-up DH. Huff was clearly a shell of his former self in 2011-2012, and 2010 he was amazing for the World Champs. For that, thank you Aubrey. I just hope he enjoyed yesterday’s parade, as when I looked at him pass by with his wife and kid, he just had a look of it being all over and not being ready for said overness. I hope my facial-analysis was off.


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