Paragraph Post: A Simile About RBI

Miguel Cabrera, holder of a lot of RBI

The Run Batted In is popularly debunked when used as a measure to evaluate offensive value by the saber community. A lot of people don’t understand why because they grew up with the stat, it’s a part of the so called “Triple Crown,” you get points for it in MLB The Show, so it must be important, right? While a player batting in runs is important, we have to remember that in cases that aren’t solo HR, the RBI depends on people outside of the batter at the plate to get on base. The RBI is like a group project: The leader will get credit for doing the work, but other group members had pivotal roles in making the project completion a possibility. The group leader did not do all the work! I mean, unless you’re used to working in those groups where you did all the work because you were either anti-social or the other group members decided the project was not their highest priority (I’m looking at you Brandon Belt, your slumpy shoulder walks to get on base help no one!). I couldn’t fit this all in a tweet, so I made it a blog post. Ta da. 


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