Coming Up: A Week of Whining

The Baseball Writers Association of America (BBWAA) will be handing out their regular season awards this week, and it’s about to inspire some hearty and unclassy dialogue from lifelong fans and bandwagon fans alike, although the rhetoric might vary in quality between the two. Here’s a preview of what you’ll be complaining about this week.

Monday: Rookie of the Year

If you’re a fan of an AL rookie and you believe your guys got the cold shoulder because some “Mike Trout” was better than him, get ready for a case of the Mondays. If you’re in the NL, you might be rooting for Miley, Harper, or the Toddfather. There will be plenty of broken hearts, but don’t worry, who really remembers who wins that award anyway? (I only remember 2010.)

Tuesday: Manager of the Year

If Postseason play was included, we’d all vote for Bruce Bochy and this would be over with. However, all these awards are all for the regular season so we might be looking at a DC-area crowning of two managers in Showalter and Davey Johnson. Oakland will have a sad when Bob Melvin does not get chosen and I’m not sure how the Reds will feel if Dusty pulls off the “upset.”

Wednesday: Cy Young Award

This could be the day of vomiting over 20-win pitchers in David Price, R.A. Dickey, and/or Gio Gonzalez, who all had fantastic years in their own right even outside of the outdated pitcher win stat. If a reliever in Fernando Rodney shoots his way to victory, there will be plenty of headdesking I’m sure. If Clayton Kershaw wins in the NL, it would be a win for nerds (NERRRRRRDS). Get ready for lots of “SMH” and “LOL” going on after the awards are announced, because this will be the award people get the second-most up in arms for.

Thursday: Most Valuable Player

This will be the most annoying day, and it has everything to do with the American League. We’ll have to restart conversations, watch out for the biggest trolls, and be labeled as either a traditionalist triple-crowner or a stat-loving freak that doesn’t watch the game, should you not be a fan of the Angels or Tigers. The NL will likely come down to Posey and Braun, but the PED story is just so out there along with Posey’s comeback from last year I don’t see how a majority of human beings vote Braun over Posey. This will make many in Milwaukee upset, and probably the pockets of people in LA that pay attention to baseball in the offseason as well. If Matt Kemp had got that 50/50 he was aiming for, he’d be the MVP.


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