2013 Marlins May Be Trying to Beat 2006 Record

The Marlins have sent shockwaves the size of their controversial stadium throughout the baseball world, and per Ken Rosenthal, they may not be done:


Fantastic! There’s only one reason why he could be dealt:


He’s owed money in 2013, and not just the Greg Dobbs money, but eight-digit money, and that could lead to him packing his bags to go elsewhere. So he’s owed $11.5MM, then the rest of the roster gets at least $500K so the very minimum roster salary could be around $23.5MM with that mindset. If Nolasco is traded though, the Marlins could near a record they set in 2006: the lowest payroll within the years I searched. Here are some teams and their below-$40MM payrolls in the past few years:


Look at all of those Florida-based teams! If the Marlins are going full fire sale, I don’t see why they hold on to Nolasco, so big seven-digit contracts to Jacob Turner and Greg Dobbs could really push the Marlins towards the $20MM mark. Yes, gasp you should! How will the Marlins win the NL East in 2013 like some people thought they could? Short answer: don’t worry about it, they won’t. Now you may return to all the Loria-bashing going on tonight until we hear about the trade being confirmed tomorrow and then we can look forward to Nolasco getting traded.


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