If Affeldt Passes Physical, 3 More Years of Hamburger Jokes


This is not a picture of Jeremy Affeldt, just a reminder that him passing a physical is not a given. Today he’s supposed to go in and get his physical done and after that we’ll learn that the Giants have given him a 3-year, $18MM deal. That would mean the Giants will have paid him $35.5MM over the course of seven years (2009-2015). Having a reliever for seven years would make you think he’s one of those young guys you went through the arbitration years with, but the Giants have had Affeldt since his age 30 season. Did you know Affeldt started 42 G in his career all with his first team, the Kansas City Royals? I didn’t. Bay City Ball also put up some stuff I didn’t know comparing Jose Mijares to Jeremy Affeldt, and is certainly a recommended read if you haven’t got to it already.

Mr. Affeldt’s first full season of starting was 2005, but the Royals had him start some more in 2006 before being traded to the Rockies that same season where he continued to suffer, but then turned it around/figured it out in 2007. The graphs below chart his successful seasons by wOBA against. Affeldt was with the Reds in 2008.


Not everyone can have Sergio Romo’s splits so getting a sub-.300 wOBA out of Affeldt this year for both RHB and LHB is pretty acceptable, I’d say. The challenge for him will be repeating that success for three more years, which in all likelihood I would imagine isn’t all that probable. Looked at his seasons month-by-month in wOBA against to see if I could find anything.


Only thing I could find here is why we call him “good Affeldt” and “bad Affeldt,” but then again, most relievers are only human. Now where months are on the x-axis:


So if the Giants only pitch him in July, we may have something.

No one should enjoy three-year deals for relievers except the reliever, his agent, and his family/friends especially when you can go out and make so many one-year deals on the market. The Giants also have a number of guys they can control on the cheap for a few years. Who would’ve thought Brandon League’s trade to the Dodgers would mean the Giants would have to give Affeldt three years when it was all said and done.

So here’s what the SF World Champions have in their bullpen right now for absolutely darn sure: Romo, Lopez, Affeldt, Mijares, Casilla, Kontos. I have no idea what they’re going to do with Brian Wilson, whether they offer arbitration or they non-tender with the idea of getting multiple years out of him… or completely let him go. Would he shave his beard if let go? Probably not.

The number I have committed to 2013’s roster if the contract is divided up evenly is $86,783,333 or in other words about a third of what the Dodgers will probably commit to their 2013 roster.


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