Twitter Reactions: Miami Becomes Toronto South in Blockbuster

Unbelievable. Fire sale. Betrayal. Whatever you want to call it, a trade of epic proportions happened. The universal emotion could be summed up in understandable anger and/or embarrassment. You didn’t come here for me though.

The first big name reaction came from superstar Giancarlo Stanton:


This led to a slew of people demanding their team trade for Stanton. Please. That won’t happen… for a couple years. Next, new ace Ricky Nolasco:


Pretty much what we were saying, too.


May just be a bad couple days not to have one since this deal won’t be official until tomorrow, apparently.


Yea, Joey Bats feelin’ good. He should be feelin’ good because look at that rotation he’ll get to play behind:


Pretty good rotation in a normally tough AL East. Here’s Bryce Harper telling Mr. Stanton everything will be alright  if he played for an organization that didn’t have fire sale tendencies:


Beat writer for the Marlins Juan Rodriguez letting us know the Marlins are supplying some relief to the Jays:



Phew! Now the Blue Jays are only on the hook for… more than $150MM. The overall picture of the trade:


We’re getting spoiled with these blockbuster trades involving long-term deals after the first year we’re going to be feeling something is missing next year if it doesn’t happen.

Don’t be surprised if this isn’t the last time some of the involved members in this trade get dealt again this offseason. It’s a good day to be a Blue Jay.


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