First Half 2013 #SFGiants Promotions and Giveaways Announced

While the deadline for setting the 40-man roster is due by Midnight EST tonight, the Giants have given the fanbase something else to get all excited over: the April to June 2013 promotions schedule, which is linked right here. In case you don’t want to click it because you have a strong love for this site, I’ll write it down for you, along with my thoughts on some of these items:

Saturday, April 6th: Buster Posey Bobblehead

  • There may be so many trophies on this bobblehead, will we actually be able to see Buster Posey?

Sunday, April 7th: World Series Ring Ceremony and Replica

Tuesday, April 9th: World Series Champions Parade Snow Globe, World Series Ring Ceremony and Replica

  • Should be a big deal due to the word “snow,” but they missed a chance to call it the “J.T. Snow Globe”

Friday, April 19th: Fireworks Night

Saturday, April 20th: World Champions Umbrella

  • Was hoping for a World Champions poncho, but this will do

Sunday, April 21st: World Champions Banner

  • Annoy your non-Giants friends with your second banner, perfect for dorms, balconies

Sunday, May 5th: Sergio Romo Gnome

  • Have beard? Have gnome!

Sunday, May 12th: World Champions Charm Necklace

  • My Dodger-fan wife will love this for our anniversary gift!

Saturday, May 25th: World Champions Cap

Sunday, May 26th: Barry Zito Bobblehead

  • If he’s not riding a unicorn, there will be so much disappoint

Saturday, June 22nd: Ryan Vogelsong Bobblehead

  • The question will be how many enchiladas will be on this bobblehead, or if his wife will also be on the memorbilia as well

Sunday, June 23rd: World Champions Beach Towel

  • I still wish I had that “BEAT LA” beach towel

Also, six-game ticket plans are coming out on Friday at 10:00AM PST!


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