Report: Dodgers TV Deal May Involve Money

Yesterday,’s Nikki Finke released an article bringing forth a story noting how the Los Angeles Dodgers may be on the verge of a huge contract with FOX, who just recently purchased a 49% share of the YES Network that you may know is affiliated with the New York Yankees. Should this get finalized before the rumored last day of discussions, the Dodgers stand to cash in on $240-$280MM/year, as noted by Bill Shaikin of the LA Times and he also points out that this could be the creation of a channel with the Yankees and the Dodgers as focal points. We can worry about that channel later, but the bolded numbers really should tell you something about the way the market is shifting nowadays. Take a look at the deal the Angels broke after they had what some people thought would be the Winter that would get them to be the AL West favorites, and even the other SoCal team some people forget about in the San Diego Padres even got to cash in on the action a little bit. One team that’s not cashing in though, is the chop-oriented Atlanta Braves, and there’s also this:

For thoughts on the deal from Mike Petriello, I direct you here.

My thoughts are that until the Giants get to be in on this high money action, I’m just going to have my hands on my chin just watching the Dodgers throw around cash like it’s nothing. Now, I wouldn’t think the LAD will throw around the $240-$280MM/year they’d get every year, essentially just ignoring the luxury tax, because I would imagine that’s bad business and even the well-liked Magic Johnson had to put himself in this position because he knew he’d make some money out of it. But I also don’t know how much the Dodgers make based off of ticket sales, memorabilia, etc., so maybe they will. If someone is really setting a deadline here and the deal doesn’t get done, I don’t know who’d come in and match the money that FOX is reportedly offering, but whoever ends up signing the Dodgers in the end is going to make that organization a heckuvalot richer. To close it out with a couple rays of sunshine: for every Adrian Gonzalez they may pull in, they will also gather a Juan Uribe. I will also remind you that in the 21st Century, the Yankees haven’t exactly been winning the World Series every year even though they’ve had the highest payroll in the game, and topping $200MM in half of those years. Still got to get through those playoffs.

Oh, This train.


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