Report: Marco Scutaro and #SFGiants Stay Together

Bruce Bochy hinted that if anything were to get done with NLCS MVP, it would be tonight, and Ken Rosenthal is reporting from a source that it has happened: for three years and twenty million dollars, the Giants have retained the now 37 year old Venezuelan to be their 2B for the next three years.

Much discussion on social media from others as well as myself suggested that the Giants would willing to go for that third year because of the in-house options they had down in the minors and what they saw in the free agent market to come. Earlier in the day we were hearing that the Giants were holding strong to a two year offer and Scutaro’s team wanted that third year, and obviously the Giants blinked. The Giants were suspected to be in competition with the Cardinals and the Yankees for his services.

Scutaro batted an unconscious .362/.385/.473 line with the Giants in the regular season and gathered twenty-one postseason hits in his first run in October since 2006 with Oakland.

If Marco Scutaro can continue to be a 2-wins above replacement player, he will make this contract worthwhile, even when he turns 40 at the end of his last contract. I think this deal will be OK for the Giants in the end, of course less money and less years would have been favorable for the team, but as Henry Schulman noted, the Giants were on a mission to keep the band together, and this was the price of doing it.

Your Opening Day Lineup, assuming good health:







Blanco/RHH OF


Pitcher (Cain, I’m guessing)


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